Your partner for the new law for
reusable dishware (wegwerpplastic verbod)

Offer obligation for a reusable system in the Netherlands: Why and when?

In the Netherlands, approximately 19 million plastic cups and food packaging items are
discarded immediately after use on a daily basis. A possible alternative for conserving resources and preventing environmental pollution is the use of reusable packaging.
To promote their use, the Dutch government has introduced a multi-stage law that prohibits gastronomic establishments from providing free disposable plastic cups and
food containers for takeaway and delivery starting from July 2023. The law also mandates
the gastronomy sector to offer and accept reusable alternatives. Furthermore, from 2024 onwards, disposable plastic cups and food packaging will no longer be allowed for onsite

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    Your solution for the reusable law: Relevo

    It can be much easier than you may think!

    As one of the leading suppliers of reusable crockery in Europe, Relevo offers a risk-free solution for the reusable law. There are no fixed terms. Thanks to the digital processing via the Relevo app, the loans run automatically in the background. Relevo works completely deposit-free – without the user having to be given anything when returning it. Contact our team of gastronomy experts – we will be happy to help you to be prepared for the 2023 reusable packaging law!

    What makes Relevo so unique?

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    Our range of reusable dishware for the reusable obligation

    Whether plastic (SAN), glass (on demand) or individual solutions for pizza, burgers or sushi – choose the right combination for your needs now!

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