You get the Relevo dishware directly from the restaurant. When ordering in the restaurant or on the phone, actively communicate that you would like to take your food / drink with you in our Relevo dishware. At the restaurant, scan the QR-Code from the Relevo with your Relevo app to borrow it.

Of course! You can borrow as many Relevos as you’d like. It’s only essential that you scan each and every one the scan confirmation is then shown to the restaurant staff.

Yes! Thanks to our cooperations with Lieferando, Wolt and UberEats, you can now have your food delivered in Relevo dishes. To do this, go to the respective app, search for your desired Relevo-Partner and select Relevo when ordering. Enter your Relevo-User-ID in the comment field. You can find your Relevo-User-ID in the Relevo-App under More → Profile. After completing your order, your Relevo can be assigned to you directly by the restaurateur and you will receive a push notification which confirms your assigned Relevo.


You can borrow your Relevo for 14 days free of charge. Running out of time? Simply extend your Relevo from €1 for at least another 7 days via the app.

If you do not return your Relevo within the time limit, a climate fee of €10 per bowl and €5 per cup will be charged. For this, your specified payment method will be charged. But don’t worry, we will remind you in time of a punctual return. This happens either as a push notification to your phone or by email. Therefore, it’s always worth reading your Relevo notifications so you’re always up to date. You can find the current return deadline in the app under My Relevos→ Active.

You can return Relevo dishes made of plastic to all Relevo partners that are marked with a Relevo-colored pin in the card. Here, it doesn’t matter what shape you want to return. For glass, sushi, burgers and pizza, check the Relevo map to find out which Relevo partner offers these shapes and will accept them. You can easily find return options in your area by using the filter function in the map. To do this, simply click on “All Relevo Partners” at the top of the bar and filter according to your desired shape.

Yes, with the help of the Friend-Return your Relevo can also be handed in by friends, regardless of who borrowed it. To do this, the QR-Code of your Relevo has to be scanned with the Relevo-App and with the confirmation of  “Do you want to transfer the Relevo to your account” the Relevo will be transferred to the new account and you will save yourself the trip to return it.

Unfortunately, this is not or only partially possible depending on the delivery service. For a successful return, the return code has to be scanned at a Relevo partner. 

To make sure that your delivery service has such an option, please just ask the restaurant in advance.

You scanned the return QR code on site, but instead of the scan confirmation you got an error message? This can happen if the return code is not activated or there are problems with offline return. Don’t worry, you can still return your dishes on site and don’t have to take them home again. Just let the restaurant know and send us an email so that we can take the dishes out of your account.

This can happen if you did not correctly scan the return code in the restaurant when returning and your borrowed Relevo stays in your account under Active Relevos. Just contact us using the contact form or email us at hallo@relevo.de and we will be happy to help you.

The Relevo can be returned to our partner restaurants without washing, as it is cleaned there professionally and in accordance with hygienic standards. If you do not return your dishes on the same day of the rental, simply rinse them briefly so that no mold develops in the meantime. Please note that, in accordance with our terms and conditions, we will debit a fee in the amount of the climate fee for unacceptably soiled dishes, as the dishes are unfortunately no longer allowed to be recirculated and will be sorted out by the gastro partner.

Please just write us a message via the contact form or to hallo@relevo.de, so that we can discuss the further procedure together.

No worries, there won’t be any costs for you. Please bring the damaged Relevo to one of our gastronomic partners and inform the staff about the damage. This way, this Relevo will no longer be in circulation and can be picked up by us and given for recycling. 


Relevo Classic: The bowls and cups are made in Minden (NRW) by Ornamin and are completely free of harmful substances, plasticizers, BPA and melamine free. They are also dishwasher, freezer and (except for the lid) microwave safe. The material is made of 100% SAN plastic, which makes it very durable. The double-walled nature of the dishes guarantees that all dishes and drinks maintain the temperature for a very long time.

Relevo Glas: Our glassware is made of high quality tempered glass from Arcoroc. The tempering makes it up to 5x more resistant than normal glass, it is also comparatively light and can withstand high temperature differences. The round lids are made of LDPE and the square lid is made of PP. All plastic lids are BPA free. Glass is perfectly suitable for eating food because it is non-porous, so there is no migration or reaction with the food. The glass is very resistant to scratches and does not take colors or odors. 

Relevo Classic: Due to the choice of material (SAN plastic), our bowls & cups are very robust and therefore break and leak proof.

Relevo Glas: Our round glass bowls are also leak proof. The drinking glass and the square 122cl bowl are spill-proof.

Relevo Classic: Our bowls & cups can be placed in the microwave for a maximum of 2 minutes at 600 watts. But be careful! The lids are not microwave-safe!

Relevo Glas: Our glassware can be placed in the microwave with a lid. However, we recommend placing the lid slightly offset on the dish so that steam can escape. 

Relevo Classic: Please don’t. The Relevo dishware is made of SAN plastic and is not ovenproof.

Relevo Glas: The glass bowls can withstand temperature differences of +/- 130 °C. The bowls can be heated in the oven with pleasure under observance of this specification. However, the lid is not ovenproof!

Relevo Classic: Yes! The Relevo can be washed in the dishwasher.

Relevo Glas: Yes! The glass Relevo can be washed in the dishwasher. To avoid discoloration of the lid, we recommend briefly rinsing the lid by hand.

The name under the QR-Codes is used to easily differentiate the Relevos so that there is no confusion. We also want to provide you with a personal companion.


This is not a problem! Our reusable system can also be easily used via the smartphone browser and therefore works for any device with internet and camera. Just go to app.relevo.de and borrow your first Relevo.

Ensure return: The regular borrowing period is free of charge for you. If you do not return your Relevo, it will not save any disposable waste. Only in this case will we charge you a climate fee of up to €10 per item. Extension: Running out of time? Simply extend your Relevo from €1 for at least another 7 days via the app. 

Your data is encrypted according to EU standards. Relevo does not store or have access to your payment details.

You can change your payment details at any time in the Relevo app. To do so, go to “More” and “Your profile” in the app and select your desired payment method.

You can not change your email address in the app, but we will gladly change it for you. Just send us a short message via the contact form.

For example, this may be because you did not turn in your relevos on time and did not pay your climate fee. In this case, please contact us by e-mail at hallo@relevo.de.

Relevo does not store or have access to payment data. Your data is sent directly to our third-party payment processor through an API and stored there with high security standards. Also, no full payment data is visible in your Relevo app.

Your Happy Nature Score shows how many single-use packaging you have saved already! With each borrowing, i.e. your active Relevos, you plant the seed for a waste-free future. If you return your borrowed Relevo on time, the seed you have planted will be added to your Happy Nature Score. Because only a functioning cycle helps our seeds to grow and bear fruits. If you do not return your Relevo on time, your planted seed will get lost and your Happy Nature Score will not increase any further. The higher your Happy Nature Score, the more awards you will receive!


Relevo Classic: Our products are produced by the company Ornamin in Minden in Germany. Conservation of resources is a top priority here: Ornamin exclusively develops and produces sustainable reusable products with meaningful, additional benefits. All the products they manufacture are reusable and recycled in-house. By producing in Germany, transport distances are also kept as low as possible, thus protecting the climate.

Relevo Glas: Our products are manufactured by Arcoroc in the north of France. Arcoroc pays attention to sustainable production. The glass bowls can be disposed of at any time via the waste glass container. The cullet is used in glass production. Glass can be recycled infinitely without loss of value (no downcycling). The use of cullet additionally reduces energy requirements and emissions during glass production. 

Relevo Classic: A Relevo can be reused up to 1000 times and is therefore one of the most sustainable ways to avoid disposable waste. The Relevo dishware is 100% recycled after its usage.

Relevo Glas: A Relevo can be reused 2,000 times, making it one of the most sustainable ways to avoid single-use waste. There is no upper limit. Provided you treat the Relevo well, it can be reused an infinite number of times. At the end of its life, Relevo is 100% recycled.

We have deliberately decided against deposits, as they are unfortunately less sustainable due to low return rates. Thanks to our digital reusable system, we achieve extremely high reuse rates and can thus effectively save resources. In addition, deposit handling represents extra work for the catering industry, as system interventions are necessary. That’s why we at Relevo believe that our reusable system is the more efficient way to a waste-free future.