New year, new habits?

A healthier diet, more exercise, less driving… We often start the new year full of energy, but soon realize that the old behavior patterns are back again. Establishing new routines is not that easy!

However, it is quite normal that behavioral changes do not work from one day to the next. According to a scientific study, it takes an average of 66 days for a new routine to emerge 💡

Even when it comes to reusable to go, it can be challenging at first to stop reaching for disposables. For example, we’ve been used to getting food and drinks in disposable containers for decades and simply throwing away the packaging after consumption instead of returning it. But don’t worry – even with the bottle deposit, changing routines has worked wonderfully and today we all take it for granted to return the deposit bottle ♻️

So keep at it, so that reusable to go becomes the new standard and in a few years we wonder what it was like with disposables back then 🧐 Here are three more little tips for you that might help you establish your new reusable routine:

  • Dare! 💪 Since January, the obligation to offer reusable products has been in effect 🎉 So don’t be shy, actively ask for reusable products the next time you place an order. You forgot? Don’t put pressure on yourself – all beginnings are difficult. It’s bound to work next time!
  • Always ready 💼 You have your own to-go cup? Great! Then pack it in your bag – regardless of whether or not you’ll be picking up a drink to go the next day. When in doubt, you’ll be perfectly prepared.
  • Place visibly 👁️‍ You’ve rented reusable dishes, but have a hard time with the return period? It’s best to put it right in the hallway after washing up, so you’re reminded every time that your dishes want to go back into circulation.