Geschirr; Hygiene; Reinigung

What is the hygiene notification all about? 🕵️


You may have asked yourself this question in recent weeks. We would now like to bring some light into the darkness 🔦

But first of all, the most important thing: Do not worry, you have done nothing wrong! If the message has upset you, we are sorry. The hygiene notification is a general information that all users receive after day three of their borrowing.

Background of the notification is that Relevo dishes are unfortunately from time to time unacceptably heavily soiled delivered to gastronomic partners. This is not only annoying for the gastronomy, but especially for the environment! Because in the case of moldy dishes, the following applies: The dishes can not be longer returned to the cycle and must be discarded.

The food association writes: „If dishes are moldy or have been used for purposes other than those for which they were intended, they must be rejected as a precautionary measure. If the dishes have already been accepted, they must not be taken to the dishwashing facility and cleaning must not take place. If necessary, dishes that have already been taken back and are damaged or too dirty must be ejected from the pool.“

Our mission at Relevo is to save waste and conserve resources ♻️ That’s why we think it’s a pity when dishes are discarded and have to be reproduced. But avoiding this is really easy: If you notice that you’re not returning your dishes until a few days later, just give them a quick rinse at home 😎 

Last but not least, thank you to all the users who gave us honest feedback that they feel disturbed by our hygiene notification. We take this very seriously and are currently working on a better way to communicate this important message 💪