Tips for the perfect handling of the Relevo-tableware 🔎

You’ve borrowed a Relevo for the first time and now you’re unsure how to properly handle the tableware? Don’t worry, here are helpful tips on how to keep the dishes in circulation for as long as possible ♻️

  • ✅ Microwave: You can heat Relevo dishes in the microwave for a maximum of 2 minutes at 600 watts. Attention! 🚫 Relevo lids must not be placed in the microwave!
  • ⚠️ Oven: Please note that the plastic dishes are not allowed in the oven. The Relevo glassware can withstand temperatures of +/- 130 °C and may be reheated in the oven. 🚫 But be careful: Here, too, the lid must not be placed in the oven!
  • 💧 Cleaning: If you do not return your dishes on the same day, rinse them briefly to prevent mold.
  • ✅ Dishwasher: You can put your Relevo including the lid in the dishwasher.

You have broken Relevo tableware or you have received a damaged tableware?

  • 📧 You have damaged it? Accidents happen! Drop us a line at or via the contact form so we can discuss how to proceed.
  • 👨‍🍳 Someone before you has damaged it? Take the damaged Relevo back to a partner and inform the employees about it. This way, the Relevo can be taken out of circulation and recycled by our manufacturer.