Get your dinner delivered in reusable containers – that’s how it works! 

You can also get your dinner in reusable containers easily delivered to your home from your couch! 🛋️ This is possible via the delivery services Lieferando, Wolt and Uber Eats. Don’t know how it works? 🤔 No problem, we’ll explain how in just a few steps!


Find a Relevo restaurant 

On Lieferando, Wolt, and Uber Eats, you can simply type „Relevo“ in the search bar to see Relevo partners near you 🔎 Wolt also offers an additional section called „Reusable Packaging“, which lists all restaurants with reusable alternatives in your area. 


Order food in a Relevo

To get your food delivered in a Relevo, go to the Relevo app under „More“ → „My Profile“ and copy your user ID, which you will find in the top left corner. Now, when you place your order in the delivery service app, add the Relevo dish to your cart as another free product. At the end of the order process, copy your user ID into the comment field

Attention💡Only if the restaurant has your user ID can they pack your order into Relevo!


Get food delivered in a Relevo

Once the restaurant has seen your order and packed it, you will get a notification from Relevo 📬 This will tell you what the next step is. 

Option A: You don’t have to do anything! 🎉 If the notification says that you have been assigned a Relevo, you can sit back and don’t have to do anything when accepting your order. 

Option B: Scan once, please! 📱 After receiving your order, simply scan the dishes with your Relevo app so that they are assigned to your account. Done! Attention💡Returns are not possible without scanning first.



The return process is the same as usual. You have 14 days to return the dishes to a gastronomic partner of your choice. Please remember to clean the dishes briefly from day two of your rental. 


Have fun with your trash-free order! 🥗