Relevo – Your simple & smart reusable system for food and beverage takeaway & delivery!

Relevo is located in the heart of Munich and was founded in early 2020. 

Our vision: We make single-use packaging in the food-to-go sector obsolete!

Every hour, up to 1,000,000 single-use packaging are thrown away in Germany alone, with a degradation process of 450 years.Thus we leave harmful traces for our environment, our climate and all future generations! 

A problem that concerns us ALL and we therefore, do not want to sit idle! 

With Relevo, we develop simple & smart reusable solutions for the catering industry, making it easier for our users to live an urban lifestyle in peace with the environment. 

Overflowing trash cans, paper cups and floating plastic lids were yesterday!

We are proud in relieving our planet of unnecessary single-use packaging and making our world a little bit better.

And that’s why our name Relevo. Relevo comes from Latin and means “lighten” or “free”.

And the best part. Anyone can join in! 

Don’t get waste thrown at you! 

And get your to-go food or drink from one of our Relevo partners!