We are Gregor, Matthias & Aaron and together we founded Relevo in early 2020!
As nature-loving, sporty and hard-working people from Trier, Allgäu and Munich, we decided to work together to develop a sustainable and innovative solution to a major problem in our times.
Gregor: “As a passionate football fan for the Seattle Seahawks and former professional rower, Relevo is definitely something different, but that’s what makes it so exciting. I love challenging myself and turning my ideas into innovative solutions.”
Matthias: “When I’m not sitting in the office, I prefer to be out and about in my home of the beautiful Allgäu region, leaving as many meters of altitude behind me as possible. For me, no mountain is too high, no path too steep and no tour too long. The next office is definitely planned on the summit.” 🙂
Aaron: “As a Munich original, I of course love the location of our office. I grew up here and know my way around. Where I used to go around the houses with my buddies, I now distribute Relevo. And there is still enough time for my little family and friends! And the most important thing, of course: I can support FC Bayern up close and personal!”
We come from different fields of work, have different lives, but complement each other perfectly!
And there is one thing we absolutely agree on: With our super motivated and unbeatable team by our side, we can realize our vision – to make single-use packaging in the food-to-go sector obsolete – and live up to our name: Freeing our planet from waste! 💪
(Relevo lat. “lighten/free”)