This is how your borrowing works💡

🔎View the map and select a Relevo partner of your choice.

🥗 Order your favourite drinks and dishes in returnable packaging.

📱 Use the Relevo app to scan the QR code on the dishes.

👩‍🍳 Show the Relevo partner the scan confirmation.

😋 Enjoy it!

Yes! Thanks to our cooperations with Lieferando, Wolt and UberEats, you can now have your food delivered in Relevo dishes.

📱 To do this, go to the respective app, search for your desired Relevo-Partner and select Relevo when ordering.

🔢 Enter your Relevo-ID in the comment field. You can find your Relevo-ID on the home screen.

📬 After completing your order, your Relevo can be assigned to you directly by the restaurateur and you will receive a push notification which confirms your assigned Relevo.

You can borrow your Relevo for 14 days free of charge 📆 Running out of time? Simply extend your Relevo from €1 for at least another 7 days via the app.

The Relevo can be returned to our partner restaurants without washing, as it is cleaned there professionally and in accordance with hygienic standards. If you do not return your dishes on the same day of the rental, please clean them thoroughly to avoid mould 💧 

Please note that, in accordance with our terms and conditions, we will debit a fee in the amount of the climate fee for unacceptably soiled dishes, as the dishes are unfortunately no longer allowed to be recirculated and will be sorted out by the gastro partner.

If you do not return your Relevo within the time limit, a climate fee of €10 per bowl and €5 per cup will be charged. For this, your specified payment method will be charged. But don’t worry, we will remind you in time of a punctual return. You can set how you want to be reminded in the Relevo app 📬

Don’t worry, Relevo is still free for you! That’s why we need the payment data:

♻️ Ensure return: The borrowing is free of charge. However, if you do not return a Relevo, it cannot save on disposable waste. Only in this case will you be charged a climate fee.

💧 Ensure hygiene: For unacceptably dirty crockery, we charge a fee in the amount of the climate fee, as the crockery may no longer be used and will be sorted out.

Extension: Running out of time? Extend your Relevo for €1 for another 7 days simply via the app.

🔑 Payments are processed confidentially by our payment service providers. Your payment data is processed securely according to EU law. Relevo does not store any account or credit card information and does not have access to your payment details.